Created to teach and inspire Primary School children what is possible and the extraordinary feats that can be accomplished when you add the WOW factor to Maths.
The main objective of Maths Magic is to provide a new and exciting classroom experience through...
Magicians Hat
Teaching Mathematical principles in a fun and interactive way
Maths Imagination
To ignite the imagination in relation to Maths
Maths Framework
To provide a reason and a framework to apply the Maths elements of the lesson
Visual Lesson
To add a visual aspect to the lesson
Magic Maths can be booked as single or multiple days either 'in school' or across Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Magic Maths can be bespoke timetabled to suit you and the classes you want to target. In an average 50 minute session we will cover 2 - 3 tricks, the Maths behind them and how that makes tricks work plus presentation, performance and new ideas to explore in later lessons or as homework. Magic Maths is a dynamic, group problem solving lesson which takes Maths out of the text book, off of the Whiteboard and into students hands with Dice, Playing Cards and Predictions which pupils can then perform for family and friends.
Jon had the whole school captivated from the moment he began our Maths magic assembly. Following class sessions, children commented that the tricks were ‘absolutely amazing’ and they would ‘100% like him to come again!’ Mabe School could not recommend Jon enough. We are always looking for ways to make Maths inspirational and today truly hit the spot!
Julia Pearce - Maths Lead, Mabe Primary School
“What a brilliant and mesmerising day Jon delivered with his ‘Magic Maths’! The launch assembly had children (and adults!) captivated by the magic and listening attentively to the maths involved. The workshops continued to grip the children and had them excited to join in with the magic whilst learning the importance of the maths behind each trick. Jon went above and beyond to cater for our wishes to work with a younger audience and ensured the day ran smoothly so a splendid day was had by all!"
Sam Smith, Maths Lead, Stratton Primary School
"I loved the day and thought the tricks were really clever. I wanted to go home and show them to my parents! My parents had no idea how I did it, and so I got to show them the maths behind the trick and they were seriously impressed."
Year 6 Pupil
“Thank you so much for the most amazing day which you provided to support our Maths Week. The children absolutely loved the assembly you delivered and came out buzzing about Maths, saying how cool it is! The classroom sessions were really engaging and many children went home with ideas as to how to challenge their parents! One of our year 6 classes got very involved in one 'maths magic trick' and this led to hours of mathematical research!
Karen Harrison, Parc Eglos Primary School (Maths Lead)
Jon spent the day at Penponds School working his magic from our reception class to the Year 6's. He enthralled the children with his knowledge of maths and how it can be incorporated into an entertaining performance liked to mathematical concepts . If you are after a enhanced curriculum maths day adapted to suit all abilities then look no further. The children loved it.
Adam Richards, Headteacher at Penponds Primary School
Jon provided a fun and interactive Magic Maths sessions for year 8 and 9 pupils, which was delivered virtually on Microsoft Teams. Jon engaged really well with the young people and was able to adapt to answering questions via the chat box, as well as verbally. The University of Wolverhampton would highly recommend. Quotes from young people: ‘’I liked the way the magician explained and showed us the tricks and his humour’’ (Year 9) ‘’I enjoyed the trick with the money and the numbers the best because it was amazing’’ (Year 8) ‘’I enjoyed doing the magic tricks using the dice’’ (Year 8)
Dipisha Patel, University of Wolverhampton
"The day definitely gave me inspiration to make up my own tricks and think about the ways we use maths in everyday lives"
Year 6 Pupil
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